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Training Women 50+ (8CECs)
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♦ 100% online.
♦ No time limit.
♦ Approx 10 hours of coursework.
♦ Assessment is multiple choice (no video).
♦ CECs and completion certificate delivered within 24 hours of completion.
♦ Lifetime access to all coursework.
♦ Registered with Fitness Australia for 8CECs.

Training Women 50+ (8CECs)

Total Value: $297
Todays Special: $197
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Training Women 50+ (8CECs)
Total Value: $297
Todays Special: $197
What's actually covered in the course...
Training Women 50+ (8CECs)
  • Training women 50+ Talking about my generation, Ageism, Why train women over 50+
  • Menopause The stages of the menopause, Hormones & the menopause, TED Talk -How menopause affects the brain
  • Pelvic Floor Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions, Types of Incontinence, Types of Prolapse, Prolapse Symptoms & Risk Factors, How to cue pelvic floor contractions in isolation
  • Health considerations Cardiovascular / heart disease, Osteoporosis / osteopenia
  • Practical Applications A question tool-box to create empathetic engagement, Exercise considerations, modifications, Important components of programming for women aged 50+, Exercise in water, What to avoid
  • The POSITIVES of menopause Look on the bright side+, Where and when to refer on
  • Further Presentations Menopause & Pelvic Floor Webinar, Mish Wright - Training Women 50+ Webinar, Top 10 Chronic conditions for older adults & how to train them
Training Women 50+ (8CECs)
Total Value: $297
Todays Special: $197
"Mish provided knowledge and insight into all areas of health, wellness and fitness amongst older women.
The information received feedback and question sessions were well presented and answered with great detail. Mish presented us with well styled and east to understand resources, explaining each one in detail.
I would highly recommend Mish to present at any event with her high standard of professionalism, humour and audience interaction your guaranteed to be inspired from the experience – compelling event.
Looking forward to helping my clients at a high standard with all the information I have learnt from attending this event – well done and thanks Mish!
Highly Recommended!”

~ Natasha Peak ~

"I had the absolute pleasure of listening to Mish Wright present on “Training Women 50+” as part of the Fitness Education Online Women’s Health Summit.
Mish’s presentation was informative, educational, and absolutely hilarious. Her understanding of women’s needs, as well as her immense business acumen meant that the content was not only easy to understand but something that will enhance my offering to female clients.
…And I will never look at Linseed muffins the same way again…"

~ Loretta Olivotto ~

"Hi Mish,  Thankyou so much for sharing your knowledge, experience, and insight into so many important health factors we should consider when training women over 50. From pre, peri-menopause and menopause and the changes of hormones that occur and the knock on effects this has on the body, to frozen shoulders, vagina’s and prolapse, and then to the importance of sleep.I got a lot of good reminders, some new information that I have already implemented into my pre-exercise questionnaire and lots of food for thought!! 
It was the first time I have attended one of your presentations and it won’t be the last. Your wholistic approach to the client is exactly what I loved, and your comment in the last Q&A workshop sums it up really. “Wellness is the new Sexy”. Thankyou again. I look forward to attending more workshops in the future. "

~ Amanda Gower ~

Training Women 50+ (8CECs)
Total Value: $297
Todays Special: $197
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